Ford car key replacement

Getting a replacement Ford car key has never been easier than calling The Auto Locksmith on 0800 158 3798. Our service is backed up by our 12 months warranty and guarantees to save you time and money.

We are here to help you get a replacement Ford key and ease the stress and worry associated with losing keys. The Auto Locksmith has all the expert knowledge required to deal with any problem associated with Ford car keys.

How our replacement Ford key service works

Our service for replacing Ford keys is offered to motorists in London and surrounding home counties. We aim to get a locksmith out to you in the quickest possible time and save you money replacing Ford car keys. This is how our service works:

  1. Call The Auto Locksmith to discuss your situation and obtain a no obligation quote  – 0800 158 3798
  2. Agree a time slot for our auto locksmiths to come out to you and make your replacement key
  3. Our auto locksmith arrives at your car and starts by gaining entry to the vehicle
  4. A new Ford key is cut to fit your locks. Read more about our Ford car key cutting service
  5. Using specialist tools our locksmith programs the new key to your Ford
  6. After you have tested the new key and are fully happy we take payment. We accept cash or card

The services we offer for Ford car keys

The Auto Locksmith is a fully mobile service covering every possible requirement for Ford car key and locks. We proudly offer the following Ford key services:

  • Spare ford keys Driving your car on just one key is like playing with fire, and you will inevitably lose your only key at the worst possible. Our spare Ford car key service will help you get an extra key which you can put away for peace of mind. Read more about how our replacement car key service works.
  • Stolen or lost Ford key service If you have misplaced a key, or worse, had one stolen, your vehicle is at risk. We offer a same day mobile service for erasing stolen car keys to ensure your Ford is secure from theft. For an extra charge we can also change the locks on your Ford to ensure the missing key can’t be used to gain entry. Read more about securing your car if your keys have been stolen.
  • Fast assistance for keys locked in Ford vehicles – Have you accidentally locked your ford keys in the car? We can get your car open with zero damage in the fasted possible time. We also offer this service for Ford vans. Read more about our service for keys locked in the car.
  • Broken Ford key repair – Ford keys can become worn and difficult to tun in the locks. We can cut new blades and make your Ford key operate like new. Read more about our unique car key repair service.

Why book The Auto Locksmith for replacement Ford keys?

The Auto Locksmith is London’s most trusted Ford auto locksmith service with over ten years industry experience. Our service is endorsed by genuine reviews from happy customers and backed by our 12 month month peace of mind warranty.

Speak directly with our lead auto locksmith – We understand that you will most likely have lots of questions about how our service for replacement ford keys works, and the last thing you want is to have to deal with a call centre that doesn’t understand the first thing about technology involved in your Ford key…We all hate call centres!

Each call is answered by our company owner Mark Migliaccio. Mark has over ten years experience as an auto locksmith will be happy to discuss how our service for replacing Ford keys works, and answer any questions you have regarding your Ford vehicle’s security. Call Mark now on 0800 158 3798.

How much do replacement ford keys cost?

A new Ford key costs between £80 – £220. The cost will depend on several factors such as if you already have a working key, the type of key, the vehicle location and how quickly you require your replacement key.  The Ford dealer charge £220 for a  2018 replacement Ford Focus key, we are able to offer the same key from as little as £139. Booking The Auto Locksmith can save you as much as 40% on replacement Ford keys. Please call us to obtain a price for replacing your Ford keys on 0800 158 3798.

The models of Ford we cover

Using the latest key cutting and programming tools we are able to supply keys for all models of UK Ford vehicles. We are even able to offer Ford car key cutting for the vert latest 2018 vehicles. We use a variety of tools to perform Ford key programming and have access to the genuine Ford VCM2 tool. Having a selection of tools helps us to ensure the job gets done.

We provide new keys for the following Ford vehicles:

  • Ford C-Max
  • Ford Connect
  • Ford Custom
  • Ford Fiesta
  • Ford Focus
  • Ford Fusion
  • Ford Galaxy
  • Ford Ka
  • Ford Kuga
  • Ford Mondeo
  • Ford Mustang
  • Ford S-Max
  • Ford Transit
  • And more…

The Ford keys we provide

Ford keys have evolved a great deal over the last 20 years. The original Tibbe style key gave way to the improved HU101 laser cut key in 2005, and since many newer styles of Ford key have been introduced including the latest proximity keyless varieties.

Tibbe Key

The original Ford key was known as a Tibbe key. With cars that use this key type The Auto Locksmith engineers use a lock pick to gain entry to the vehicle. Once the lock is in the open position the pick will read the depths of the lock, supplying the information necessary to cut a key. Ford models using a Tibbe key are quick and easy to replace – The Auto Locksmith can gain entry into the vehicle within 10 seconds and have a replacement key cut within 2 minutes.

Standard manual Tibbe key

ford locksmith

Remote locking Tibbe key

ford remote key

Two button infrared remote

Puma fob key

Blue Ford Transit remote

Ford 07 remote locking key

Ford HU101 laser key

In 2005 Ford introduced the improved HU101 blade profile key, referred to as a “laser key”. The metal blade is flat and rectangular with a unique shape groove cut down each side. The key provided with the car will either be manual or remote locking. It is a much more secure key and the car locks on these newer Fords are much harder to pick. The Hu101 lock and key profile is used right up to today in 2018.

Manual HU101 Ford key

HU101 Ford car key

Remote locking HU101 key

Remote locking 2010+ HU101 key

Customer reviews The Auto Locksmith

Ford HU66 Laser key

The HU66 style key was initially used for the Ford Galaxy as it used to be a Volkswagen Sharon. Shortly after takeover, Ford Made the Sharan its own and now it uses the HU101 key.

Ford HU66 laser key

Key used on Galaxy

Ford SIP22 Laser key

The SIP22 profile key is commonly use on Fiat Vehicles. In 2009 Ford released an updated model of the Ford Ka, based on the highly successful Fiat 500. The Ford Ka key is therefore slightly different to all other keys and based on the Fiat style key.

Ford Ka remote key

Ford Ka key replacement

The latest Ford proximity keys

Many of the latest models of Ford use a proximity style key that allows the car to be started by simply pushing a button inside the car. Here are some of the proximity keys we can replace for Ford cars.

Ford proximity key style 1

Ford proximity key programming

Ford proximity key style 2

replacement Ford Kuga proximity key

 Ford proximity key style 3

Ford Mondeo key cutting

Ford proximity key style 4

Frequently asked questions

Q – How can I get a replacement key for my Ford car?

A – If you lose your Ford keys you can either obtain a new key from a main dealer, or book a mobile service like The Auto Locksmith. An auto locksmith service will save you both time and money.

Q – Can you get a key made for a Ford car from the VIN number?

A – No it is not possible for anyone to provide a Ford key from the VIN number. Replacement Ford keys need to be programmed to your car, and a locksmith must visit you to complete the programming, or you must pay to have your car recovered to a garage.

Q – Can Ford replace lost keys?

A – Yes Ford can replace lost car keys, but you will need to pay to have the car recovered to their workshop. Another downside of using the main dealer is the long wait. Most Ford dealers will have a wait and won’t be able to see you the same day for replacing keys.  The dealers will normally suggest fitting a new lockset if no known key number is stored on system. The Auto Locksmith can replace your Ford keys the same day you call.

Q – Do you offer any warranty on new Ford keys?

A – Yes, we offer 12 months warranty with all new car keys.

Q – Are you able to provide new keys for all Ford models?

A – We are able to cut and program new keys for 99% of Ford cars.

This page was written by Mark Migliaccio from The Auto Locksmith.


The Auto Locksmiths saved by bacon when I lost my only Ford Fiesta key. My car is a 2018 Ford Fiesta using the latest type of keyless proximity key. I spoke to at least four other locksmith companies that told me only Ford themselves could program these keys. I spoke to Mark at The Auto Locksmith that assured me they have programmed lots of these keys and there would be no issue. As promised their locksmith engineer arrived on time, effortlessly open the car and programmed a new proximity key. Micheal Turner
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