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Car problems aren’t all about engines, bumps or dents. Often the problem is with the smaller things like keys or locks. Small parts but big problem!! In this instance, the “man who can”, who will charge to your rescue, is The Auto Locksmith. As vehicle locksmith services go, that offered by The Auto Locksmith is second to none.

We offer customers a rapid and reliable roadside service 6 days per week and are often called on to help the motor trade and motoring organisations like The AA and RAC as well.

Discover more about our main auto locksmith services:

Inadvertently locking yourself out of the car just when you have to be somewhere or are about to set off or the key snaps in the lock or ignition – these are not unusual circumstances. They’re real “count to ten” moments – wouldn’t it be nice knowing that all you have to do is pick up the phone and talk to a helpful human being who will ensure that someone is on the way to deal with the issue?

It needn’t always be an emergency. You might just need a set of duplicate car keys cut or to replace lost or broken car keys. Your central locking or immobiliser may have jammed. Even with the most modern, secure cars, The Auto Locksmith can gain access, recut and reprogram a key or key fob with a minimum of fuss and it doesn’t involve you having to go anywhere.

Our mobile car locksmith service

A mobile service that comes to you is a huge plus. If you are in London or Home Counties, The Auto Locksmith will aim to get someone to you in as little as 30 minutes in some instances. Even if you live on the outer fringes of Surrey or Essex (they are pretty large counties), the service offered will be as fast as possible and if not likely to be rapid enough for you, The Auto Locksmith has a network of qualified and experienced contacts that it can call upon.

So, damaged locks, ignition repair, ECU programming for transponder keys, vehicle access or any other such issue – all you have to do is call 0800 158 3798 and The Auto Locksmith will take care of the rest.

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