Ford Transit keys

A replacement Ford Transit key cut and coded at your van.
Manufacturer: Ford
Model: Transit
The Auto Locksmith can supply and program replacement Ford Transit and Transit Connect keys and remote locking fobs. If you lose your Transit van keys you can’t do your daily work, and being Transit drivers ourselves we understand the importance of replacing your key and getting you back in your van as quick as we can!

Transit auto locksmith

Replacing lost Transit keys

Most transit vans are used for work and contain valuable tools and equipment. So regardless of whether your keys have been stolen or just misplaced, we will take every step to secure your van. Using a specialist diagnostic machine we will erase all keys from the vans memory. This way if someone makes an attempt to steel the van they will be unsuccessful and unable to start the engine.

We can also change the locks to a different combination meaning the old keys can no longer be used to open any of the doors. Please note this carries an extra cost to just replacing the key.

If you do not have any security locks fitted to your Transit then speak to us about your options for adding improved security.

Spare Transit keys

If you lose your only Transit key you could end up missing valuable time off work. The Auto Locksmith supplies spare Ford Transit keys for van drivers in and around London for significantly less than the ford main dealers.

If you have one working key we can supply a duplicate for less than it would cost if you lose all keys.  Don’t wait to lose you only key – call us today and get yourself a spare – 07739383344

Keys for new Transit Custom Van 2012

Ford released a brand new shape Transit van at the end of 2012. The lock and key have been upgraded to a more secure system that was introduced several years ago on the Ford Focus. The immobiliser technology has also advanced meaning new software is required to program the key and fob. The good news is we will soon abe able to provide a replacement key for the new Ford Transit Custom. Producing the Transit Custom key involves quite a bit of extra work than was previously involved with the older shape van so will be priced a little higher than the previous model. If ou have just one key for your 2012 shape Transit it would make great sense to have us make you a spare before you lose it. Read more about the new Transit Custom key technology on our blog.

Top Tip from The Auto LocksmithTip from the Car Key Geek

If your  key becomes worn you may find it difficult to operate the locks and open the bonnet. We can replace the key and remove the transponder chip from your old key and save you £££ over main dealers.


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