Ford Fiesta key replacement

We are Londons Ford Fiesta key replacement specialists. If you need new keys and fobs then we are the people to call. We offer an emergency replacement service for lost Ford Fiesta keys to the whole of London and surrounding home counties. If you have lost your only car key or just need a spare we are available to assist.


Ford Fiesta locksmith

Replacement Fiesta keys

Most used vehicles are purchased with only one key. Why take the risk of losing the key when The Auto Locksmith offers spare keys from as little as £70? If you have one working key for your Fiesta we can very quickly and easily create you an exact copy that will be fully coded to work with the immobiliser and start the car. We can supply, cut and program a remote locking fob key for your Fiesta that will save you having to insert the key into the cars lock.

Upgrade to a Ford Fiesta Tibbe remote key

The Fiesta remote key offers three buttons – one to unlock the doors, one to lock the doors, and an additional button to  independently access the boot. Remote locking is not a standard feature on all Fiesta models so check with the dealer first if you have never had a remote fob and would like to upgrade your current manual key.

Fiesta remote key

Ford Fiesta flip remote keys for less

From 2007 the Fiesta upgraded the key to the HU101 profile blade. This is a more secure lock and key. The locks are high security and much more difficult for thieves to break into. The key itself is a huge improvement for Ford and is less likely to become worn and become problematic in the locks.

Flip Fiesta remote key

Key coding

Ford Fiesta keys contain a transponder chip that is coded to the car to bypass the immobiliser. When we supply a new key we program it to the vehicle with a diagnostic machine. Some Fiesta keys can be cloned with a machine that does not involve programming of the car. This type of key can be obtained from locksmith shops for a little bit less than a programmed key but they will have a few downsides. They contain a battery in the head of the key, which will eventually die and render the key unable to start the car.

The Auto Locksmith is a mobile solution that comes to you and offers Ford Fiesta key programming at an unbeatable price. Call now to enquire – 07739 383344


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