We make replacement Ford Ka keys

That’s right we can make replacement Ford Ka keys! You do not have to book your car in with the Ford main dealer, and you certainly do not have to recover your Ka into your local reapir garage.

Ford Ka locksmith

How do we replace Ford Ka keys?

The Auto Locksmith is a specialist type of locksmith that only produces car keys. We do not open house doors, nor do we open safes – but we DO unlock Ford Ka’s, and we DO replace lost Ford Ka keys. Our service is completely mobile – we come out to your Ka, wherever that may be and make you a new key while you wait. The whole job from start to finish is usually completed in less than 15 minutes – impressive hey! If you compare that to the option of taking your car into Ford you are looking at a time saving of around 2 days, 23 hours and 45 minutes!

How much will it cost to replace your Lost Ka key?

The cost saving speaks for itself too – our standard spare Ford Ka keys start from as little as £75, and a complete lost key situation can be as low as £100. We can produce standard type keys to keep costs low, or if you require we can even produce full remote locking keys that are exactly the same as what you would have had before. The location of your Ford Ka will have a factor in the cost of the replacement key, so it makes sense to give us a call and get a quick quote – 07739 383344. The cost we quote is the cost you pay!

If you have lost all of your Ford Ka keys we can make a new key for less than you expect, and we will be happy to offer you a second key for just £30 while we are there on the job. This makes great financial sense and is likely to ensure you wont have to see us for a second visit anytime soon!

Where we offer our lost Ford Ka key service

We are a London based company working from mobile work vans. All of our vans are kitted out with the necessary tools and equipment to make brand new Ford Ka keys – we will never take parts away, all work is completed on-site at your car. We cover a large area surrounding London (most home counties). If you need replacement Ford Ka keys take a quick look at our service area to see if we have your location covered.

Need to know more about your Ford Ka key?

You may have noticed your Ford Ka key had a tubular shaped metal blade with notches cut into the end? This is Ford unique key design and is known as a Tibbe key. The key will have a transponder chip concealed inside the black plastic head. If your key was a manual key you may have seen a red plastic square on top of the key – this is where the chip is stored. The Transponder chip is programmed to the Ka and prevents the car from being started by another key. This immobilser technology has helped lower the number of car thefts.

The more advanced Ford Ka key looks identical on the metal blade but has black oval remote attached to the top. The remote has three buttons – one for locking, one for unlocking and one for the boot. We can produce these keys and always have the remotes and keys in stock.

If you would like to arrange for an auto locksmith to make you replacement car keys for a Ford Ka, or fancy a chat for further info call us anytime on 07739 383344.

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