Replacement Renault keys

Do you need replacement Renault keys or cards? The Auto Locksmith is a unique service offering a solution for lost Renault car keys. We can help if you have lost your only Renault key or just need a spare. We can also help if you have broken your key or accidentally locked it inside your car. In fact we assist with any requirement of a Renault key or lock nature.

Lost Renault keys

A service for lost Renault keys

Would you know what to do if you lose your one and only Renault key? Most people would assume the only option is to contact a Renault main dealer and order a replacement key through them. This is an extremely time consuming option that could leave you carless for in excess of one week. If you take this option for replacing your lost Renault keys, you will need to visit a Renault office and present your vehicle ownership paperwork. They will then order you a  replacement key from Renault  HQ in France. When the key arrives you will be required to recover your Renault into their workshop for the programming of the key.

STOP!!!! YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO THIS! We will come out to you and make a Renault key replacement on site – same day.

We operate from mobile work vans that are set up with all the tools to cut and program brand new ‘Renault dealer quality keys’. This is all done the same day of your call, and is normally significantly cheaper. So let’s recap, CHEAPER, SAME DAY, NO TOWING, ON-SITE. That’s four great reasons to call The Auto Locksmith now and book an appointment for your new replacement Renault car key or card – 07739383344.

About Renault keys and cards

Renaults are a a fairly complex system as far as the immobiliser and keys go. Without getting into too much technical detail all you will need to know is that there are two broad types of system that effect the way a replacement key will need to be programmed. Early models (typically up to around 2000) work with a key that can’t be programmed to the car by simply plugging a tester and pushing a button. On these systems it will be necessary to remove whats not as an Eeprom chip from the immobiliser and use specialist tools and software to write new key information into the car allowing it to start.

The other type of system is slightly more straight forward in terms of of coding and replacing Renault keys. We use laptop based software to communicate with the cars computer and program in new keys. This is all done through the cars diagnostic socket and is a much quicker task.

Some Renaults use a key card which is very different in appearance to most other car keys. A Renault key card works in the same way as a key but does not need to be turned in the door lock to open the car. Starting of the engine is also quite unique – the card is slotted into a dash panel card reader and requires a button to be pressed to make the car start.

Top Tip from The Auto LocksmithTip from The Car Key Geek

Renault key cards are fitted with an emergency key blade that can be used to unlock and open the door in the event the buttons fail to operate. There is a lock fitted to the passenger next to the door handle. It may be concealed under a plastic cap that will need to removed to gain access.

Renault key programming

We perform all Renault key programming on-site at your vehicle. We can provide and program replacement keys and card for most makes of Renault including:

Renault Clio, Renault Laguna, Renault Megane, Renault Modus and Renault Scenic. We also offer a service for replacing Renault van keys and can help if you have lost keys to a Renault Kangoo, Renault Traffic or Renault Master.

We can produce replacement Renault keys in as little as 10 minutes. All keys will be cut on-site and then programmed to your car while you wait. Payment for the job is only requested on completion and will never increase from the price your were quoted on the phone.

We regret we don not currently offer a Renault key card repair service. renault cards are renowned for becoming temperamental and failing to either unlock or start the car. Some online companies offer a fix for these problems, but we will only be able to offer you a complete replacement for your Renault key or card.

A quick note on Ebay Renault Cards – BEWARE! – There are lots of eBay shops offering Renault key cards for sale. Many of these cards are old cars from another car with a replacement case, made to look new. Once the card is programmed to a car it can not be programmed to another Renault – they are locked and useless. Be Careful. We do not program Renault cards and keys purchased from online shops. We only program our own keys.

If you need a Renault key replacement service that comes out to you and saves you time and cash then call now on 07739 383344.


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