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Key won’t turn in Vauxhall ignition lock

The Vauxhall ignition problem:

When attempting to start the car the key goes all the way into the ignition but will not turn. You have a jammed Vauxhall ignition barrel.

Cause of fault with Vauxhall ignitions:

This is a common fault with Vauxhalls that use a HU46 and YM28 key profile. For some unknown reason we are called out to the majority of these repair jobs in the summer months. Often the fault is caused by a small pin that is attached to the back of the lock. The pin wears a small channel into the housing and becomes jammed. Unfortunately this can only be repaired by a trained locksmith who can remove the lock from the car.

A less frequent cause could be due to a worn key or jammed wafer in the lock.

The do it yourself solution:

If the fault is caused by the back pin then there is little we can recommend other than calling out a professional. Should the fault be due to a jammed wafer then the following might help:

  1. First check the steering lock is not the cause by turning the key and moving the wheel left and right
  2. Spray a small amount of WD40 or similar directly into the barrel and onto the key
  3. Using a gentle raking motion move the key in and out whilst trying to turn
  4. If the key turns past the first potion you should now be able to turn it all the way and start the car

This will not solve the problem that originally caused the key not to turn and should only be used once in an emergency situation. The ignition will jam again and you may not be able to get it to turn a second time, so do not chance your luck and make sure you get it repaired.

The Auto Locksmith solution:

We will turn the ignition round to the first position using specialist tools and techniques. We will then remove the ignition lock from the car and make a complete repair.

Once repaired we will fit the barrel back into the housing and demonstrate the perfectly turning key. We only take payment once we have completed the job and you are fully satisfied.

Our Vauxhall ignition repair service is usually completed in less than 30 minutes. It is worth noting a repair from The Auto Locksmith will be significantly cheaper than having a new lock set fitted at the main dealer.

Disclaimer – We take no responsibility for any damage caused from our ‘do it yourself solutions’ and always recommend booking a professional to carry out such work.

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