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Key won’t turn in Peugeot ignition lock

The problem:

When attempting to start the car, the key seems to stops short of going all the way into the ignition, and will not turn. You have a jammed Peugeot ignition barrel.

Cause of jammed Peugeot ignition

The ignition barrel lock used on most Peugeots is quite different to most other car locks. The lock contains pins instead of the more commonly used wafers. If a pin get stuck or lodged it can prevent the key from turning. If the key is stopping slightly short when inserted into the barrel, the problem will no doubt be caused by the anti pick bar not fully returning to the correct position.

The do it yourself solution:

First of all make sure the steering lock is not the cause by turning the wheel left and right while trying to turn the key. If the fault is with a jammed pin, a good old squirt of WD40 or similar could help. Follow our suggested steps:

  1. Spray a small amount of WD40 into the barrel and directly on the key.
  2. Next insert the key into the lock and move back and forward in a raking motion while attempting to turn the key
  3. If you are lucky the jammed pin will drop and should allow the key to turn freely
  4. You can now start the car, but be aware the key may not turn again once you turn it off

If however the problem is with the anti pick bar try this:

  1. Using a small wire try to pull the bar forward to the front of the lock
  2. The bar needs to push back into position. 
  3. Now try inserting the key. If it goes all the way into the lock it should now turn freely.

This is a very tricky process that is best performed by a trained locksmith with experience and knowledge of how the lock works.

Please note these suggestions are only recommended as a quick fix and will not permanently solve the fault. Don’t risk the ignition jamming up again – next time you could be miles from home. Call The Auto Locksmith on 07739 383344 and arrange for us to remove and repair the ignition.

Disclaimer – We take no responsibility for any damage caused from our ‘do it yourself solutions’ and always recommend booking a professional to carry out such work.

One response to “Key won’t turn in Peugeot ignition lock”

  1. David Ian Gaskin says:

    great idea. i tried this with a open slot on my key and it worked!!! it will do until a new barrel and keys arrive and i do understand the u swap over the key heads for the imobiliser…..appreciate this information:)

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