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Key won’t turn in Chrysler ignition lock

The Problem

When attempting to start the car the key goes all the way into the ignition but will not turn. You have a jammed Chrysler ignition barrel.

The do it yourself solution

This is a very common problem with almost all Chrysler vehicles. It happens for two reasons; either the key is slightly worn, or more likely the wafers in the ignition are sticking and not correctly positioning.

There is a very quick fix for this problem that we only recommend if it is an absolute emergency and essential the car is driven immediately.

Follow these steps to get the key turning:

  1. Insert the key into the ignition lock
  2. With a rubber tool, such as the handle end of a large screwdriver, tap the key on its head several times. (Note, take care not to hit the key too hard as the head of the key contains a transponder chip required for deactivating the cars immobiliser and can be easily damaged
  3. The key should now turn
  4. Call The Auto Locksmith on 07739 383344 and arrange for us to remove and repair your Chrsyler ignition barrel

This process should get the key tuning fairly easily and works 9 out of 10 times. This will not solve the problem that originally caused the key not to turn and should only be used once in an emergency situation. The ignition will jam again and you may not be able to get it to turn a second time, so do not chance your luck and make sure you get it repaired.

The Auto Locksmith solution

When we attend a Chrysler with a stuck ignition we copy your key onto a duplicate metal key. We use this key to follow the above steps to avoid damaging the transponder chip hidden in your original key. We then remove the ignition barrel and disassemble it and make full repair. Once repaired the key will turn freely, and you will have peace of mind knowing your ignition will not jam up when you are miles from home.

Our Chrysler ignition repair service is performed while you wait and is usually completed within 30 minutes. It is worth noting a repair from The Auto Locksmith will be significantly cheaper than having a new lock set fitted at the main dealer.

Disclaimer – We take no responsibility for any damage caused from our ‘do it yourself solutions’ and always recommend booking a professional to carry out such work.

2 responses to “Key won’t turn in Chrysler ignition lock”

  1. Adam Anders says:

    I found this information very helpful. I got the key turning once but it jammed straight away so wasn’t prepared to take chances. Carlo came out to me this morning and did a full repair. This worked out a huge cost saving on getting a new lock replacement and saved me having to take my Chrysler any where. Cheers!

    • Hey Adam thank you for taking a few mins to write that. Im pleased we could help and you sure did the right thing not taking a risk with it. I spoke to a customer in a similar situation with a jammed ignition on a Chrysler Gran Voyager last week who told me occasionally the key would turn so was not prepared to pay more than £30 for a repair. 4 days later he called back to say the key would no longer turn at all and he was stuck in Sainsbury’s car park and had to be back in work within 30 minutes for an important meeting. Hate to say I told you so! 😉

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