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How to program a Ford Transit remote fob

Ford Transits up to 2006 and the Transit Connect van operate with a separate square shaped remote locking fob.

Transit fob coding

This type of remote has three buttons that perform the following functions

1) Lock

2) Unlock

3) Unlock back and side door independently

Pressing the lock button once will lock the van, and pressing the button twice will double lock the vehicle and set the deadlock. We always recommend pressing the lock button twice as this is an added security measure, which means the vehicle will not open when the handle is pulled from the inside. This prevents thieves wedging the windows and using the old coat hanger trick.

The key used to start the vehicle can only be programmed with a diagnostic tool.  If you require a replacement Ford key take a look at our Ford key section for information.

Top Tip from The Auto LocksmithTip from The Car Key Geek

Whilst traditionally the Transit van operates with a separate fob, it is actually possible for us to program a key with a built in three button fob like the one used for the Ford Focus.

Transit fob programming instructions

The remote can be programmed with no specialist tools utilising a manual procedure as follows:

– Insert a programmed key into the ignition
– Turn the key from the off to on position 8 times
– You will hear the vehicles locks cycle
– Press any button on the remote
– Again you will hear the locks cycle
– Turn the key to the off position and remove from the ignition
– Wait 10 seconds and test the remote
– Job done!!

We can supply and program Ford remotes and keys for all models of Ford including the Transit. If you need a Ford key or remote fob why not give us a call… We are cheaper than Ford main dealers and save you the hassle of loosing your vehicle for half a day whilst in their workshop.

9 responses to “How to program a Ford Transit remote fob”

  1. rich wilson says:

    Hi I bought a transit van last year that did not come with a fob or spare key, and saturday I started the van and closed door and it locked itself. I would like to know how much it would cost for a spare key and a fob, thank you.

  2. Hi Rich, thanks for getting in touch. A standard key starts at £75 but it really depends on where you are and how far we have to travel so best if you give us a call on 07739383344. You could also take a look at our key prices page for a guide.

  3. Scot says:

    Hi there I have an older toad key fob that was programmed to my 02 transit lwb high top rwd but the battery went wad and now doesn’t work do you know how to programme it again? Thanks scot

  4. Roger Veall says:

    Thanks for your helpful advice.You appear to be more knowledgeable than my local Ford agent.

  5. Conor says:

    What’s the story with the blue keys, mk7 transit? Mine will unlock the van but won’t lock it again.

  6. terry lock says:

    Hi, Ford Transit 02 central locking not working with fob or key. The doors , except the side sliding door, lock and unlock sometimes. Side door is locked and will not open. There is resistance on black knob inside the door which prevents it turning to the right. If fob is pressed I can hear a lock operate once, then twice. I would appreciate any advice.

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