Gatwick Airport auto locksmiths

Have you lost your car keys at Gatwick Airport?  Locked your keys in the boot along with your luggage? Left your vehicle keys in a different country?

We’ve assisted all of these situations many times. Our Gatwick Airport auto locksmiths are conveniently situated in West Sussex and can get to you in a flash to help with your car key problems.

Car key service Gatwick

Do you need replacement car keys at Gatwick Airport?

If you are heading back from holiday and cant find your car keys there is no need to panic!  One of our car locksmith experts can meet you at your car and supply you with a brand new replacement car key.


We understand that after a long flight you dont wont to be kept waiting, so why not call ahead before your flight and supply us with your parking information so we can get there before you land and have your key ready and waiting.  Just drop us a quick email with your parking details and we’ll get the job done whilst your in mid air.  We will need to know:

  • Your vehicle registration number
  • Colour of the vehicle (So we can spot it easily)
  • Which car park- short, mid or long stay
  • Zone
  • Bay
  • Bus stop number

Lost car keys at Gatwick

If you are are back at Gatwick Airport when you realise you have lost your car keys, don’t panic – call 07739 383344 and speak to Mark about getting a fast response engineer to come and replace your keys right away.  If you are just about to get on the plane to leave London when you realise you cant find your keys, dont miss your flight  in a panic.  Take your flight and then call us when you arrive and we can arrange to have the keys ready for when you return to London.

Have you locked your keys in the Boot at Gatwick airport? We have helped dozens of customers who have been in the situation.  Many people remove their suitcases and put the keys down in the boot and then close the lid.

Our suggestion: Hopefully you have arrived at the airport in good time.  If you are with someone else get them to go into the airport and start queuing if you need to check in.  Next give us a call and wait by your car.  We will allocate you a priority slot and aim to have someone with you within 40 minutes tops.

If you you fly from Gatwick on a regular basis avoid unnecessary problems and save our number in your phone under Gatwick Auto Locksmiths – 07739 383344  


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