Edmonton car locksmiths

The Auto Locksmith Edmonton branch offers a service like no other for replacement car keys in Edmonton. We have built a fantastic reputation in the area and assist many local garages, repair centres and traders in the Edmonton N9 and N18 areas. Local car reapair centre, Ross Motors have been using the Auto Locksmith for car key work for over five years and are always happy to provide a recommendation of our work.

Edmonton car locksmith services

Our services are available to the trade and general public throughout the whole of Edmonton. We are a fully mobile operation that offers help and assistance for all types of car key and lock problems. No problem is too big or too small, if you have snapped your only car key and need replacement keys making in a hurry – we can help! If you have locked your keys in the boot whilst out shopping in Edmonton Mall – we can help! Maybe you are worried about only having one key and would like a spare remote locking fob key for your vehicle – we can help! Our mobile car key service is available Monday to Saturday between the hours of 8am and 8pm. Our phone is always on 24/7 and if you have an emergency out of hours give us a call and we will be happy to discuss options and arrange an appointment.

Replacement car keys in Edmonton

Our main service is replacing lost or stolen car keys. Many people assume incorrectly that they can ave their car key reproduced in a high street locksmith shop. This used to be true many years ago, but todays cars use a sophisticated key that operates remotely at the push of a button to open the doors and also contains a transponder chip that talks to the car to pass a security check allowing it to start. Even the most basic type of key with no remote buttons will still have a transponder chip concealed inside that needs to be coded to the vehicle. If you are in N9, or N18 and need a spare car key producing give The Auto Locksmith Edmonton a call for a no obligation quote 07739 383344.

If you have lost your one and only key we save you the hassle of towing the car into a dealers garage. Our Edmonton key service is completely mobile and will be able to produce a brand new key onsite, without you needing to do anything more than dialling a number.

Car opening service N9 and N18

Its so easy to accidentally locks your keys inside the car. Some cars have a boot which only opens with the key and if you put the keys inside and close the lid its time to call The Auto locksmith. Our Edmonton car locksmiths have many years of experience with specialist picking and entry tools and can unlock any car on the road. We guarantee a damage free entrance that will always be cheaper and more convenient that braking a window. Dont make the mistake of smashing the small quater window and assuming you can put your hand through and unlock the door. Most cars will be deadlocked, meaning the door can only be opened from the outside with a key, or a specialist lock pick.

To find out more about our car unlocking service in Edmonton call now on 0800 1583798. We will discuss your options and explain exactly how we intend to open your car, and remember the price we quote is the price you pay.


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